Art & Antiques

Art & Antiques

When it’s time to move your valuables from one home to the next, you turn to the experts. The professionals at SafeCube Moving partner with the experts when a client’s relocation includes art and antique handling. We understand that the client’s valuables must be moved with uncompromising precision, so our approach calls for careful planning, excellent moving materials, and a well-coordinated moving day.

At SafeCube Moving, we begin art and antique handling with a conversation between the client and our moving planner. During this vitally important planning stage in your move, we study your art and antique collection to understand the scope of the move, the timing of the move, and the materials that are needed to make the transport of your valuables safe and efficient from the first moment to the last.

Art & Antiques
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We use premium materials when working with your art and antiques. From customized wooden crates to soft and durable wraps and spacers, we seek a “perfect fit” when packaging your valuables so the move is worry free for you.

Our art and antiques specialists arrive at your home with superior experience. They only work with valuables, so they understand the nuances of valuables packing and transport.

While every move is different, the SafeCube team knows that art and antiques must have their own moving day. Our specialists handle your art and antiques without the distraction of the general move. A day allotted solely for the transport of your prized collections, ensures that there are no hiccups in the move.

Put your art and antiques collections in sure hands when it’s time to move. At SafeCube Moving, we treat your valuables with the respect and precision they deserve.