The industry leaders in the moving business are nimble companies, with the expertise to handle all relocation scenarios, including international moves, in a professional, time-sensitive way. SafeCube Moving is an industry leader. A highly-regarded company with partnerships that stretch across continents, SafeCube is specially equipped to help clients facing a daunting, international relocation. If you’re company informs you that it’s time to take your expertise and your family to Hong Kong, Brussels, Cape Town, or a town somewhere in between, make us your second call after you share the news with your partner or parents.

We’re here to help

SafeCube’s international moves typically begin with a client’s conversation with our expert international moving consultant. Preparing a portfolio of services for the client, the consultant readies the mechanics of the local end of the move, including container coordination, parking, packaging, and preparing shipping documents. With the local move in motion, our consultant works with our international partners, preparing the professionals in the destination city to transport, unpack, and install the client’s possessions in an efficient and effective manner.

Your international move may seem extremely complex with tight calendars and significant shipping barriers to overcome. No worriers. When you work with SafeCube Moving, you are hiring experience. With many international relocations in our portfolio of success stories, we already know how to assemble a team that will get you and your life settled in the new place in no time. Even though your impending move means saying goodbye to the city, you always have your hometown movers supporting you from NYC. We’ll be in touch when you unpack your things in that new home by the sea, making sure that our partners are delivering the high level of customer service you’ve come to expect from SafeCube. After all, being with you for so long, we’re family.