Long Distance

A move across town can be a temporary distraction; a long-distance move can be a prolonged struggle. Planning the route, locating supplies, hiring help, packing, and unpacking are all daunting tasks for anyone preparing to make a home across the continent or to the other side of the globe.
The professionals of SafeCube Moving understand that long-distance moves can be agonizing experiences for both individuals and families. We know; we’ve managed many long-distance moves over the years. While many clients are excited about their move to a new city and perhaps a new job, others approach the move with cautious optimism, not quite sure what awaits them at the end of the road. Sometimes, we don’t choose the move, but the move chooses us. The SafeCube team is here to make the long-distance move as positive as possible for our clients. Our passionate, cheerful professionals work with you to pack and transfer your possessions and all the stories they tell in an efficient, safe, and timely manner.
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SafeCube Moving provides comprehensive moving services to clients preparing to relocate beyond the NYC area. Our fine-tuned process leverages great planning, products, and professionals to lessen the headaches and sooth the heartbreak of the long-distance move.

SafeCube Moving’s long-distance process begins with planning. Our moving consultant will meet with you to discuss the nuts and bolts of your move, helping you to determine the size of your move and the services you will need to make the move a complete success. Calendar conscious, SafeCube’s team works to complete your move in a time-sensitive manner.

With countless long distance moves in his portfolio, our consultant has “seen it all” and managed it all on behalf of satisfied customers. Our consultant will take the time to answer all your questions, outline the cost of the move, and prepare a calendar for the move that fits your schedule.

While you meet with our moving consultant, our professional movers continue to hone their skills through training and a variety of real-time moving scenarios. Comfortable working in studio apartments and the largest of homes, ground floors and high-rises, our long-distance professionals understand what it takes to ready your belongings for transport over many miles and a host of traveling conditions. At SafeCube, we hire and retain “best in the business” moving professionals who recognize that high-quality work is the only acceptable work.

Maybe you don’t have the time to acquire all the moving supplies you need to prepare your possessions for the truck. We can help with supplies too. We understand that great materials help to ensure that your belongings are safe in our cubes. We only use the best products in our moves. Of course, packing materials are only effective if the items they are intended to protect have been appropriately packed. Our team is well-trained in packing procedures, protecting your precious items for the rigors of long-distance travel.

Moving day for the long-distance client often arrives with a host of anxieties and uncertainties. When you hire SafeCube to coordinate your moving day, you move with peace of mind. From the moment we begin loading the moving truck to the moment we deliver the last box to your new home, your long-distance move is in the hands of team members dedicated to easing your anxiety. At SafeCube Moving, we recognize that the outcome of your long-distance move impacts the credibility of our company. You can trust our team to bring professionalism, understanding, and experience into every stage of your move.

After your long-distance move is complete and you and your family settle into a new home in a new community, the SafeCube Moving Team is still in touch to hear your feedback and to be “on call” should you need our services again. We’ve spent time in the most private spaces of your life. You are now part of SafeCube Family.

Bottom line. We are always here for you. Count on your SafeCube Family for great consultation, precise moving, and thorough customer service. From coast to coast and beyond, the Safe Cube Moving team will be with you every step of the way.