When you live in NYC, you learn that adequate storage is a luxury. Having a trusted company to call when you need additional storage is an absolute necessity.

SafeCube Moving offers multiple storage options for clients who want their possessions stored in a safe and secure environment. Are you renovating a home or searching for a new one? Not sure where to put everything while you wait? The SafeCube team always has space available when you need storage options and need them fast. Our storage facilities provide you with peace of mind while you renovate an existing home or conduct a search for a new one. When you’re ready for the permanent move, we’ll be there for you too. With a well-trained team managing your storage project from start to finish, you can store your possessions confidently. When it’s time to return to your home or apartment, you can do so assured that your things will be returned the way you stored them.


Long-term Options

Long-term storage options are ideal for clients who recognize that they may be unable to occupy a permanent home for an extended period of time.

Maybe a major renovation is underway at your home, and you and the family are spending a few months in a rental while the work is completed. Perhaps you put your home on the market, only to have it sale in days instead of weeks. Now you’re in a rush to vacate the space so the new owners can move in behind you. Once again, we’re here to help you and your family. SafeCube’s long-term storage options include both climate controlled and non-climate controlled configurations. In our initial conversations with you, we’ll discuss the size and scope of your long-term storage needs, ensuring that your storage solution is designed with your unique situation in mind.

With your possessions carefully stowed in our cube system, your possessions can be back at your home for unpacking and installation when you’re ready to reenter your old space or occupy your new one.

Short-term Options

Many of our clients request storage options for short-term situations. Looking at a gap between leases? Waiting for a mortgage to close? Having your home painted or your carpets replaced?

SafeCube’s short-term storage solutions are ideal when you need some extra space for weeks instead of months. Like our long-term storage space, our short-term facility offers clients a climate-controlled option and configurations without climate control. Have a lot to store or just a few things? We’ll work with you to find the right amount storage at a price point that won’t clean out your bank accounts.

At SafeCube Moving, we understand that space is tight and your time is valuable. That’s why we’re ready to find an ideal storage solution for you that meets your needs and works within your budget. Give us a call soon and we’ll get to work securing your possessions so you can focus on the things that really matter. We’ll have all the room you’ll need.